STS - SEMI Technology Symposium

Welcome Message from STS 2019 Chairman


As the Chairman of STS (SEMI Technology Symposium) 2019 Program Committee, at the 32nd SEMICON Korea, I would like to thank and welcome all our speakers and participants for joining our symposium.

The 4th Industrial Revolution’s technologies, such as AI, IoT, Big Data and 5G, are affecting not only our daily life but all over the industry. These trends can be attributed to the semiconductor technology, the core of the ICT industry, which is constantly innovating and dramatically developing.

The various new technologies are appeared and the industry environment toward the super-intelligence and hyper-connectivity technologies are applied to all over the semiconductor industry, so the new demands are created and the allied products are diversified. That is, the paradigm of the traditional electronics industry is significantly changing.

With this huge trend urging to change the paradigm, in order to exploit the new market and advance the existing market, all semiconductors related companies, such as device, equipment, material and post-processing, should continuously develop the state-of-the-art technology through the mutual cooperation with each other.

In the SEMICON Korea STS 2019 programs, we have prepared that these programs enable you to take account of the semiconductor technology’s up-to-date trend, the semiconductor development’ next-generation roadmap, and the semiconductor industry’s strategy direction.

We anticipate that you have the opportunity to discuss and communicate sharing the role and direction of the semiconductor technology and industry.

Lastly, I sincerely appreciate for the contribution of all participant and speakers, and am greatly thankful for the committee members and staffs of SEMI for the devotion in making this meaningful event successful for this year.


Yoonjong Lee, Ph.D

Program Chairman of SEMICON Korea STS 2019
Senior VP and Head of R&D, DB HiTek Co., Ltd.
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